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Assessment of the Sixty Six Books of the Bible

by Pastor Steven L. Carter, M.S.O.L.


This booklet is a compilation of a review of the sixty-six (66) books in the Bible to be used for reference and study purposes. This booklet looks at the overriding theme of each book in the Bible and presents the author’s opinion of what God’s purpose is and how He is trying to get man to understand it. This review was done in the context of revealed 'seams', 'themes', and 'dreams' that appear throughout the books of the Bible, which aid understanding, and thereby enable us to better apply the word of God in our daily living. The assessments in this booklet were composed in a writing style simple enough for a child to understand but are very illuminating for an adult and useful in Bible study. (Click on the links below to access the assessment of the Sixty-Six (66) books in the Bible.) 

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