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Words For Life believes that leadership training is a crucial component in building the people of God up to be where they should be, as well as who they are supposed to be. This type of confidence can only come by undertaking hard subjects and receiving knowledge about what the word of God's really means for your life. This requires that We (Words For Life) reach out to people over the denominational boundaries established by man without conditions of membership. We provide this type of leadership training through 'Developing Fishers of Men'; an outreach ministry setup to bring the 'words for life' to God's people in all parts of the world. These crucial leadership topics are a cross-section of subject matter that should be freely given, as it was freely received, and not bound up in an overpriced book, nor attached with conditions of 'fee for services', as such is the way of the world, for these are 'Words For Your Life'; words to live by that govern our conduct and what it means to be Christ-like.

‘Leadership Principles For Life’

Workshop to Learn About Discipleship, Leadership & Delegation


  • You will learn about bible-based Leadership Principles that not only have application in the church, but also all four corners of your life (i.e. church, work, community and home).
  • You will learn that Discipleship is not just about evangelism, but also Leadership; Leadership which God ordained for each and every Disciple of Christ to be in this world, but not conformed to its ways.

‘Christian Ethics In Contemporary Christian Life’

Workshop to Learn About Christian Ethics & Integrity


  • You will examine what Christian Ethics & Integrity looks like in contemporary Christian life and Gain a better understanding about the requirement to live holy and how it is directly linked to God’s plan of salvation as well as operating under His authority.
  • You will learn what holiness looks like and how to diligently seek to live a holy and acceptable life before God, and to embrace the transformation process.  

‘Understanding Predestination Well Enough to Save Your Life’

Workshop to Learn About Predestination and Your Spiritual Destiny


  • You will come to understanding how Predestination is linked to living a holy life and how the 'biggest lie' ever told by the adversary still has some Christians tricked into believing that they can continue to live any kind of lifestyle and still obtain their spiritual destiny.
  • You will have confidence or assurance in knowing why you were chosen which will impact on how you will approach making decisions for the rest of your life.  

'Life, Love & Unforgiveness’

Workshop to Learn About What It Means to Truly Forgive & How


  • You will come to understand how many people have not truly forgiven (maybe because they were never shown how to forgive) and what the consequences for that behavior will be.
  • You will learn what it is to forgive someone from a biblical perspective and learn actual steps on how to approach forgiveness.

'Church Administration & Leadership’

Workshop to Learn About the Administration of the Church


  • You will learn how to manage and oversee various activities in the church setting so that the organization can be better equipped and more effective in fulfilling its primary mission (which is the expansion of the Kingdom of God) through the implementation of the Church leader’s vision.
  • You will learn financial stewardship/management principles and concepts in the context of managing resources in the non-profit organization/churches.
  • You will learn the components of Leadership and Followership and what are the necessary tools to become more effective followers as well as leaders.

This church administration and leadership course will provide an overview of key topics such as, leadership, organization (structure and behavior), time management, goals and objectives, planning, implementation, delegation, and coordination. The instructor will seek to bring out bible-based perspectives to all the course content.

[Note: Developing Fishers of Men does all the above workshops for church groups under outreach ministry. To express interest in having Developing Fishers of Men conduct any workshops or seminars at your venue, email Pastor Steve and make your request known. For more details or to make a request contact the [email protected]. Please note that the Distance Learning option is being explored, but it is currently not operational.]

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