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Meet the Pastors of Words For Life Ministries Christian Center. Pastors Steve and Pam have been married for over forty (40) years and are two people who have dedicated their lives for the work of the Lord. They have committed all their talents, gifts, resources and education in service for the Lord. In January 2008, in response to the call of God, they started a church ministry geared towards meeting the needs of those who really want to know God for themselves. Over the many years of ministry, Steve and Pam have come to learn that so many people who attend church only know of God, but don't really know Him on a personal level. This dire situation could have many of them wondering whether they are truly saved.

  • Words For Life is a ministry that helps people to change from just 'knowing of Jesus' to coming to know Him intimately in their lives.
  • Words For Life is a ministry that helps people to be all that God has in store for them to be and not just church 'pew warmers'.
  • Words For Life builds confidence in the Believer and challenges him/her to stir up their gifts.
  • Words For Life gives you everything that you need to be the men and women in the ministry of the Lord; including the opportunity to be mentored. Today, so few people are truly mentored in ministry, partly because so few people care to be mentors for others, or they simply don't know how to mentor because they were never mentored 'the right way' themselves.
  • Words For Life offers a variety of services, to include spiritual, premarital and married-couples counseling, career counseling and individuals and/or couples coaching. Pastors Steve and Pam are innovative and unique in their techniques and approach to couples counseling, and provides honest feedback throughout the 'confidential process'. Their counseling style puts you in a 'safe place' to be able to share what's truly on your heart. Their desire is to see couples built-up in their relationship with each other, but more importantly, each individual built-up in their relationship with God.

Rev. Steven L. Carter holds a Masters degree in Leadership from Philadelphia Biblical University (PBU) (aka Cairn University), and Rev. Pamela Carter holds a Masters in Christian Counseling from PBU (aka Cairn University). Their combined experience, coupled with their deep love for the Lord as well as each other, makes them uniquely qualified for the role of both Pastor and Counselor. Learn more about the Pastors by clicking on their names below and accessing the personal bios of Revs. Steven L. Carter and Pamela R. Carter.

For an appointment with the Pastors, go to the Contact Us page on this website, enter your contact information, write a few lines in the comment section, and 'Send' your message. Most assuredly, one of the Pastors will get back to you within 48 hours. Until then, be blessed.